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Winner, Winner – 2017 Master Builders Bankwest award

Winner, Winner – 2017 Master Builders Bankwest award

18 April 2017 Awards

We were delighted to take out the top gong for “2017 Waterwise Home – Over $500,000” (sponsored by the Water Corporation) at the 2017 Master Builders Bankwest Housing Excellence awards.

This award further demonstrates our commitment to not only designing and building quality homes, renovations and additions – but also our dedication to sustainability.

Our “Waterwise” award was also recognised by The Western Australian State Government and the Hon. Michael Minchin; the Minister for Commerce at the time.

How did we do it?

The home is plumbed with the majority of the expansive roof collecting the rainwater with charged rainwater downpipes feeding into 3no 3000L tanks. These tanks are interconnected to each other at low level.

The water from the tanks supplies all 4 toilets, the laundry water supply, the external tap to the courtyard herb garden; and the tap to the pool service area for topping up the pool levels which is done automatically.

Overflow provision for the tanks is piped back into the stormwater collection to the home.

Hot water efficiency is achieved by limiting the water run to the house by the use of 2 hot water units. These units equate to a 7 star energy rating.

Sensor taps using 4.5Lpm and rated Wels 6 star are installed to the internal and external powder rooms. These were used to conserve water and to avoid cross contamination.

Shower heads use 9Lpm and are rated Wels 3 star. Taps use 7.5Lpm and are rated Wels 4 star. 3 of the 4 toilets use 4.5/3Lpm and are rated Wels 4 star. One of the toilets is an in-wall cistern and it uses 4.5/3Lpm and is rated Wels 4 star. Mixers to the alfresco and kitchen use 6Lpm and these are rated Wels 5 star whilst the laundry mixer uses 7.5Lpm and is rated Wels 4star.

Dishwashers to the kitchen and alfresco are rated Wels 5 star.

Drinking water to the home is via a Zip Tap used to limit water wastage.

The external landscape design has reduced the water usage after opting for synthetic grass. Planting-out around the home is limited to small garden beds containing plants which require little water in the warmer months and which are all heavily mulched. Other plants are contained within pots with dripper feeds.

A working worm farm is topped up with rainwater, and it produces fertiliser for all the plants around the property.

The front yard space consists mainly of concrete aggregate, with a sprinkling of low maintenance, ‘waterwise’ plants.

Link to the confirmation letter from the then Minister Minchin (PDF Document)