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MBA – Timber supply crisis update

MBA – Timber supply crisis update

04 March 2022 Press

Timber supply crisis update

Master Builders Western Australia (MBA WA) met with the Minister for Forestry the Hon Dave Kelly MLA in 2021, to discuss the current timber shortages and advocate for increased support for the building and construction industry, which led to a commitment to 12,000 tonne increase the sawlog allocation to Wespine.

Recently, MBA WA has been in discussions with Wespine Managing Director Patrick Warrand regarding the drastic situation unfolding around pine supply, in which he outlined the following:

“During this Summer, the hot weather has had a significant impact on timber supply resulting in harvest bans, logistics disruptions that are effecting imports and impacts from the labour shortage. December, January and February have been tough months for the supply of timber into WA. 

Due to these conditions, there has been less supply of sawlogs available for processing, however in February we are seeing significant improvements in all areas. As ambient temperatures have come down in the South West delivery of sawlogs has stepped up and volumes are heading towards the additional numbers promised with the assistance of the MBA in November.

Imported timber is also arriving more consistently into WA and the supply route from the east coast via rail has also been restored after the rail outage in late January”.

Master Builders continues to focus on this issue as we know it is critical to our members and the home building public.

We will keep you updated of further developments.


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