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Just a quick comment on our renovation job.
We were very pleased with the outcome and the value of the addition and modification. The communications throughout the job were of outstanding quality.
Ryan deserves every accolade awarded to him. Great person with unbelievable communication skills and a fabulous team, we would recommend him to anyone !!
Kind regards
Sue and Peter West


I can tell you that I was very satisfied with the level of service provided by Savvy Construction. After first meeting with Ryan and discussing the project I was impressed with his level of commitment and attention to detail that’s why I chose Ryan to proceed with my project.
This was my first new build and after hearing all the horror stories that clients at Renouf had experienced when building I wanted to make sure this wouldn't be the case. I also did not want to go with a big commercial builder as I knew the level of service would not be the same as choosing a boutique builder like Savvy.
Ryan made the whole process very enjoyable which I cannot say for people I have spoken with that have gone through the building process. Ryan was very clear on all areas of the project and made sure I was always notified if there were any changes or delays. If ever I needed to speak to Ryan he was always by the phone and if he could not take my call would call back as soon as possible.
The finished product was just as I expected if not even better thanks to Ryan's attention to detail and passion. Most people suffer cracking and settling issues and many small imperfections on completion and within the first year. For me this has not been the case and I could not be happier with the result.
Ryan is not just another builder. He is someone that is actually passionate about what he does and truly believes in having the best product out there on the market. That’s why I chose Ryan because I could see he was passionate and that he actually cares about what he does. You would know this if you speak to Ryan as he cannot stop talking about building and to be honest as a client you could say he over services almost to the point where you gain so much trust in Ryan you end up telling him to stop calling you and just do what he thinks best as you know he will make the right choice for you.
I have referred Savvy to all my clients and also my family who have engaged Ryan and have had the same experience as I have had building with Savvy


We found Ryan in a roundabout way when we were looking for someone to sink a trampoline. His name came up via The Trampoline Man, and after speaking to him and finding out he was a builder, took him on in place of the Landscape Architect we had hired. We realised we really needed a builder, not an architect, to construct a garage, build fences, sink a trampoline and do some landscaping.
Ryan came and looked at our original plans, spent a good while explaining his history in the building industry and preparing a quote.
We were thoroughly impressed already by his punctuality, good listening skills and willingness to take on a project that had already had some planning. Ryan explained his approach to projects; and what was expected of us, all followed up promptly in writing.
Ryan organised all the trades necessary. Most came as planned, and if there was a delay Ryan rang us up with good notice and amendments that were quite acceptable. He has been very flexible with additional building variations that have evolved as the project grew. In particular, we are so appreciative that Ryan has observed some deficiencies in the original building that he has since had rectified with no variation fees.
He liaised with our elderly neighbours when there were problems with an exposed Telstra line to their property, and took the time to chat to them and let them know he would arrange for Telstra to fix the long standing problem permanently. They both mentioned later how pleased they were that he had taken the time to point out the repairs needed by Telstra, and that he would ring the company to make sure it was followed up.
Ryan has always been available to contact by phone or email. When away, he gave us a proposed plan of next trades due and when he would be by next on site. He is so organised, approachable and easy to get along with, that we can’t recommend him highly enough!
Best wishes to Ryan for this award, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with him.
Kind Regards,
Marie and Derek Shaw.


Ryan did a small renovation and extension for us. We were living in our house whilst the renovation was going on which can be challenging with an 18 month old. Ryan was fantastic throughout the entire renovation process. He was easy to get a hold of by phone and email and always prompt to return calls. He's happy to spend time on site going through the process and discussing the next stages. He's really concerned with making sure those things are done right and that we are happy with it. He is incredibly flexible and has been amazing with changes made on site. As we were building a small ensuite and walk in robe addition that is very constrained by existing boundaries and windows it was very hard to picture the amount of space we would have and how the layout would work. Once the slab was laid and external walls went up, Ryan was happy to mark out the options for internal sizing on the floor so my husband and myself could see exactly how the space would work and what option was the best for the space we had. This was incredibly valuable in ensuring that we got a space that really worked for us.
Ryan has a good eye for detail and was great at making suggestions for what he thought was right for our house. For example he suggested rendering the back of our house and hiding the old laundry pipes in the cavity wall, this really tidied up the area and made the back of the house look a lot more modern. I am very happy that we chose Ryan as our builder and would be happy to recommend him to anyone.
Brad and Janine Sparling


We were thrilled with Ryan in every aspect in every way before, during and after the build; he is an amazing young man with such a wonderful way with not only his clients, but his workers and the tradesmen that he uses.
I still pinch myself when sitting in our new extension, to see just what has been created with some input from us, but mostly Ryan's vision of what could be.
It is very rare to have a building supervisor not only answer ALL phone calls/messages, but to be able to email and have a reply, sometimes within minutes, shows outstanding commitment to us, the client.
Ryan's work ethic is commendable and I would guess a very rare commodity these days. I have no hesitation in recommending him to many friends who are renovating, thinking about renovating or building. His attention to detail and totally honest approach in every aspect of our build was refreshing. As with all builds, there were a few issues, but I never doubted that all would be resolved and we were never let down.
I would dearly love to see Ryan's hard work and business acumen be rewarded and given the accolades that he deserves.
I didn't see our story book of our build, maybe we can get a copy. Maybe Ryan can come back in a couple of months to take the final photos after we have properly decorated and finished the garden.
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to write this short testimonial.
Kind regards
Jennie and Tony Leahy



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