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Mt. Claremont 2

2020 MBA Winner Display Home over $800,000
2020 MBA Finalist Overall Best Display Home
2020 MBA Finalist Best Contract Home $750,000 – $100,000
2020 MBA Finalist Excellence in Energy Efficiency
2020 MBA Finalist Best Waterwise Home

2019 HIA Greensmart National Finalist Display/Project Home
2019 HIA Winner Bathroom in a Display Home $650,001 and over
2019 HIA Finalist Bathroom in a Display Home $650,001 and over
2019 HIA Finalist Kitchen in a Display Home $650,001 and over
2019 HIA Finalist Liveable Bathroom

A striking external blade wall continues seamlessly inside the home; where quirky angles abound in walls, cabinetry and bulkheads.

The entire lower floor is disability friendly, and a lift can be retrofitted to service the second floor if required.

This home has achieved an exceptional 9.6 star energy rating with the clear use of cross ventilation which is achieved by the placement of doors, windows and louvre windows; along with above height ceilings and doors which allow natural southerly breezes a clear and open pathway to flow through the home.

All windows are 5TCLR/10ARG/5TCLR-Lightridge (double glazed) with the exception of the louvres which are LowE toughened. Three central skylights are opened to release rising hot air in summer.

Timber windows have been retrofitted into sub frames, and the marginal gaps around the perimeter of the windows have been filled with polystyrene expandable foam to ensure there are no air gaps.

The roof contains Aircell; and light grey clay roof tiles were used for their reflective properties in lieu of using a dark material which absorbs heat.

CSR Bradford Polyair Performa insulation – R1.9 in summer and R1.2 in winter has been used, as has the CSR Bradford Odyssey ventilation system. This system is designed to provide fast and effective relief from heat build-up. The unit replaces hot inside air with fresh, cool air day and night, as it works around the clock. When the outside temperature falls below that of the inside, the Odyssey automatically switches to indoor cool mode to efficiently remove the heat from the space; and one Odyssey unit has the capacity to exchange the air in a 150m2 living space 4 – 5 times per hour.

A 3000 litre water tank feeds all 3 toilets and the laundry.

Basin mixers are Wels rated 6 star; wall mixers Wels rated 5 star; 4 sink mixers are Wels rated 5 star. Villeroy and Boch toilets are Wels rated 4 star.

The front garden consists of native plants, and the use of Geohex to areas around the side and rear of the home assist with drainage. Geohex is made from 100% recycled co-polymer polypropylene as plastic matting and paving.

Provision is in place for future connection of Tesla batteries if required.